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Chaika season 1 releases in 2022, with a prologue and 8 episodes. There are plans for more than one season.

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Chaika trailer: I could be the last Chaika

CHAIKA is a tale of loss, isolation and hope, about a woman navigating a post-apocalyptic future. Season 1 will release sometime in 2022. Find out more Earth is silent. Chaika leaves the moonbase where she was born in search of… someone… anyone. Is she the only human left? Chaika is written, produced, directed and narrated by Karin Heimdahl.Cast:Chaika – Danyelle ElletHYGGE – Charlotte NorupLEQU – Sam YeowValen – Angelique LazarusTROST – Kessi RilinikiPlease follow us on social media!Twitter  Instagram  Facebook Chaika is a Y2K Production. You can support us on Patreon at from as little as 1 US dollar a month and get bonus content as well as early access to every episode.Chaika's theme is by Chris Gregory, please check out his audio fiction anthology podcast, Alternative Stories and Fake Realities note that Chaika is created for an adult audience and features depictions of emotional distress.℗ 2022 Karin Heimdahl