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The casting call has closed.

All who auditioned will be contacted regarding their audition by October 15.

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Parts Open4 (2 F, 2 M)
AccentsSouth East Asian, Oceanian, South American, European (see sides for details)
Audition DeadlineOctober 7, at midnight CEST
(EDT: Oct 7, 6 pm / AEDT: Oct 8, 9 am)
Recording LocationRemote
File FormatMp3, 44100hz, 128 or 192-bit.
Name your file(s)Character_YourName.mp3
Genre Drama
Series length1 season of 12 episodes (20-25 minutes)
CompensationPaid. Read more here.

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Season 1 is centered around the voicemails of two long-distance friends in the year 2000. and the modern-day student who decides to turn their voicemails into a podcast. It is releasing weekly all through 2020, and is set mainly in the cities of London, Birmingham, and Auckland.

You can listen to season 1 HERE.

Season 2 will be very different. It will not be voicemail-based, and the episodes will only be loosely connected. There will be 12 monthly episodes in 2021, each centering on one of the 12 main characters from season 1, and each set in a different city.

Are you ready? Welcome… beyond the year 2000!


There is one main character (returning from season 1) and generally 1-2 supporting characters and 0-3 minor characters for each episode. Some supporting and minor characters are recurring in two episodes. The majority of the parts have already been cast, but we are looking for an additional four voice actors to join the project.

We are hoping to do online table reads for each episode at the beginning of the recording period, using Zoom, Discord or similar. Recording is done remotely and individually.

  • Lines for episodes 1-3 will be due on November 5, 2020.
  • Lines for episodes 4-6 will be due on December 6, 2020.
  • Lines for episodes 7-9 will be due on January 5, 2021.
  • Lines for episodes 10-12 will be due on February 5, 2021.

There will be a minimum of three weeks from receiving the script until lines are due. Also, we know life can get in the way sometimes, so this schedule can be flexible as long as there is an open communication.


Actors will be compensated as follows. Note that the same character can be supporting in one episode and minor in another.

  • Actors in supporting roles will be compensated at a rate of USD 30 per episode.
  • Actors in minor roles will be compensated at a rate of USD 10 per episode.
Trigger Warning

This story features themes of separation, crisis, abuse, homophobia, transphobia, depression and anxiety. Please be aware of this and ensure that if you are cast, working with these themes will be OK for you. Take care of yourself.

Audition Information

We especially want to encourage LGBTQIAP+ actors, actors of colour and marginalized folks to audition. Please note that for two of these roles, only non-white actors are invited to audition. All of these roles also require accents from specific countries or areas, most are fairly broad and the character’s backstory will be adjusted to the actor cast. When auditioning in an accent, we ask that you feel at home in that accent, and that you can sustain it consistently. Non-binary and gender-fluid folks are very much encouraged to audition for any role they are interested in, but please note that the pronouns listed will not be altered, so we would expect you to feel comfortable with the pronouns of the character you choose to audition for.

We are hoping to cast a diverse group of voice actors and look forward to the varied perspectives and influences this will bring.

Please be aware that this show contains mature themes in the form of violence, cursing and descriptions of sexual acts and desires. You must be over 18 years old to audition. Please also make sure you read the trigger warning before auditioning.

Audition deadline is October 7 at midnight CEST. No casting decisions will be made before the call closes.


Record 2 takes of each line, all the sides/scenes listed, in one mp3 file per character. Only record the lines for the character you are auditioning for, not those of X or Y. You could either do Line 1, Line 2… Line 1, Line 2… or Line 1, Line 1, Line 2, Line 2… Record in 44100hz, 128-bit or 192 bit mp3. Name your file Character_YourName.mp3 (for example A_KatarinaFischer.mp3)

If submitting for more than one part – something we encourage! – please record all takes for each character in individual files.

Make sure you record with the equipment and in the location you would use if cast – we are looking for good quality audio, and we have to know that you can provide it. No cell phone or headset mic recordings, please. Also, please submit raw, unprocessed audio.

Once you have your files ready, head on over to our Audition Form, answer the questions and upload your files.

Characters and Sides

To avoid spoilers the sides below aren’t quite straight from the script, we changed some things around. We’re sneaky like that.

Also, of course these characters have names, but some of them are mentioned in season 1, and listing their names here could be a spoiler. So for now, they have code names 🙂


AgeLate 20s
EthnicityAny non-white
AccentAny Oceanian or South East Asian accent
OrientationLesbian, bi-, pan or omnisexual (can align with actor preference)
Appears inSupporting in episode 2, minor in episode 6
PaidUSD 40
DescriptionMedical student. Very goal-oriented and ambitious. Can be socially abrasive and uncomfortably direct. Deeply loyal to those she cares about.
Sides(record only the lines for A, in bold)
1X: You are being rude to our guest!
A: He was early. I have things to do!
X: You haven’t even said hello.
A: (sullenly) Fine. I will say hello. But then I have to go back and finish this lab report. I’m almost done.
X: Thank you. [They move to other room]
A: (polite but rushed) Hello, I’m A.
Y: Hello! Sorry I was so early.
A: (impatient) Nice to meet you. Now-
Y: (almost at same time) Nice to meet- sorry.
A: (dismissive) I have to finish up a lab report. I’ll be out when I’m done. See you later.
2A: So what do you think?

X: Well, I’ve mostly seen the airport so far, but everyone’s been really nice.
A: (gets interested and stops being polite) Nice? I’m sure they have. (beat) But, I mean… What do you *really* think? What is different, what is interesting, what is… I don’t know, disgusting and smelly and foreign and weird?
X: I…
A: (intense) Don’t be polite. Come on.
X: The food… Sometimes… the smells are just…
A: Awful?

X: A lot.

A: You really are incapable of saying anything bad, aren’t you? Too nice for your own good.

X: Sorry.

A: (smiles) Don’t be sorry. (flirting) I like it.


EthnicityAny non-white
AccentAny Oceanian or South East Asian accent
OrientationOpen (can align with actor preference)
Appears inSupporting in episode 2
PaidUSD 30
DescriptionCurator of art museum. Independent, intelligent and highly organised. Has a plan for everything, and can get stressed when the plan doesn’t work out.
Sides(record only the lines for B, in bold)
1B: (polite, professional) And this is our Callder collection, which we’ve even had some international attention around. The Guardian wrote a wonderful article about it. (beat) And that concludes the tour. Do you have any questions?

X: Wow… it’s incredible.

B: (pleased) I’m glad you think so. So you won’t be bored, staying here for a few months, then?

X: Definitely not! So much to learn.

B: (proud) We’ve had quite a few students here over the years. I hope we’ll be able to facilitate your research project.
2B: (tense and apologetic) Sorry about that. He’s stressed. Heavy workload. He doesn’t mean to be rude, he just… he’s focused. Very good at getting things done, not always great at social niceties.

X: That’s all right. Good thing we’re all different.

B: (smiles, relaxes) True. (beat) So what did you think about the Vang installation? I thought it could tie in with your study, with those big sweeping lines and the use of wire…


AccentAny Oceanian, South American, Spanish or Portuguese accent
OrientationBisexual or heterosexual (can align with actor preference)
Appears inSupporting in episodes 10 and 11
PaidUSD 60
DescriptionTherapist. Thinks before he speaks. Usually calm and collected but gets dramatic when angry.
Sides  (record only the lines for C, in bold)
1C: (in the middle of a speech, proud and misty-eyed) You have worked harder and withstood more ire than anyone I know. There were so many obstacles in your path and you didn’t let them defeat you, you calmly and methodically found another way, built a new path. Your strength, smarts and sheer determination brought you here, and I cannot wait to see where they take you next. I am so proud, and so honoured, to be your partner. (beat) To X! Cheers!
2C: (casual, calls to other room) Hey, did you walk the dogs this morning?

X: Wasn’t it your turn?

C: Shit! (calls to other room, agitated) There is literally shit on the carpet! Come help! (makes sounds of disgust as he cleans up)

X: (enters) What was that?

C: (agitated) Poop! I’m so sick of this, there’s always bloody poop everywhere.

X: I’ll take the dogs.

C: (passive aggressive) No, I’ll go. You have work to do. (mutters) I always do it anyway.

X: Not *always*.

C: (angry) No, but every- (stops, smiles) You. You’re winding me up.

X: Wanna throw poop at me?

C: (laughs) Maybe I do. Can’t be bothered though. I like the way you smell. (quick kiss) Mm. Taste good too. All right. C’mon doggos, time for a walk.


AgeLate 20s
AccentAny European accent except Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, UK or Irish
OrientationOpen (can align with actor preference)
Appears inSupporting in episode 1
PaidUSD 30
DescriptionAn recent immigrant to the country where he lives. Bit of a hippie. Artist. Warm, friendly and genuinly interested in people. Happiest when he is doing good for others.
Sides  (record only the lines for D, in bold)
1D: So you need a place to stay?

X: Yes. I do. But-

D: (warmly) There is room for you here! You know that saying? (hesitates, tries to remember) Where there’s room in the heart, there is room for the butt! (laughs)

X: (laughs) Um, no, never heard that. But-

D: You should, it’s Swedish! (thinks) Or is it Polish? Could be Dutch, maybe? One of those! (slight laugh)

X: OK. But it’s not just me, you see-

D: Oh, you got a boyfriend? Girlfriend? Both? They can come, too!
2D: So through here is the kitchen, here’s Anna dyeing yarn – say hello! (beat) and here is the- (almost stumbles over cat) Oh, meet the cat. It’s her house, really, we’re all just lodgers. You like cats? (does not wait for response) I don’t, really, but she doesn’t care. And here- (exclaims) Oh! Careful with that door! This is David, he’s- (surprised) off somewhere, apparently. O-kay. You’ll meet him later, I’m sure. And now, this, (opens door) this will be your room. What do you think?

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Deadline for auditions is October 7, at midnight CEST.
(EDT: Oct 7, 6 pm / AEDT: Oct 8, 9 am)


Questions? Comments? Let us know! E-mail y2kpod@gmail.com, or contact us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. You can also DM show creator Karin Heimdahl on Twitter @karinheim.

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