About Y2K

Y2K tells a story of love, identity and friendship spanning oceans and decades. Listen HERE.

Season 1

Season 1 is set in both 2000 and 2020, mainly in the cities of London, Birmingham, and Auckland. The characters hail from Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, UK, and more.

It’s the end of 1999. Kat and Jess are very close friends and share a flat in London. In January 2000, Jess moves to Auckland. Their voice mails to each other tell the story of a year in their lives when everything happens, and how they try to support each other from across the oceans.

It’s the end of 2019. Olivia is a student in Birmingham. She is trying to find baby pictures of herself and fires up her mum’s old 90:s laptop. There are no baby pictures, but she does find something else – audio files from 2000, dozens of them. She listens to a few and realizes they are voice mails between her mum and her mum’s friend. She decides to turn them into a podcast…

“Hey, um, I’m Olivia and this is the Y2K podcast! I guess I should tell you what this is all about… So a few days ago I managed to get my Mum’s old laptop working. I was hoping to find baby pictures of me, there are hardly any and I was curious. I rummaged around this really old black-and-white dodgy-looking interface and found — absolutely no baby pictures. No pictures at all actually. But I did find something else. These old audio files, dozens of them, all labeled with dates from January 2000 onwards. It seems to be a conversation in voice mails between my Mum and a friend of hers, and I’ve only listened to a couple of them but they seem… interesting somehow. Though it’s weird to hear Mum so young – I’ll be 20 this year and she would have been about… 25 when this was recorded. Almost the same age. Cool. But so weird. OK I’m rambling. I thought this would make an interesting podcast. So… Here are the first messages.”

January 3, 2020

Are you ready? Welcome… to the year 2000!

Season 2

Season 2 tells twelve loosely connected stories, each centering on one of the twelve main characters from season 1, and each taking place in a different city, and a different year. These tales span 45 years, 9 countries, 4 continents and many different genres.

“Places, please. We’ll try again everyone.
Right. Whenever you’re ready – Take 2.

season 2