Chaika Episodes

Chaika season 1 releases fortnightly on Fridays April-July 2022, with a prologue and 8 episodes.
There are plans for more than one season.

Transcripts are available here.

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Episode 3: What portion of me be Assignable Chaika

Valen tries to negotiate with the universe, Chaika has existential dread, while HYGGE and LEQU know more than they let on.CHAIKA is a tale of loss, isolation and hope, about a woman navigating a post-apocalyptic future.***CONTENT WARNING** Please note that Chaika is created for an adult audience and features depictions of emotional distress. This episode deals with grief and the loss of a parent, particularly in Chaika's personal log. Featured trailers:The Lucky Die. A 5e D&D Actual Play Podcast focusing on four heavily flawed characters as they try to stop the apocalypse. Top Threes. Four friends from four countries give their top threes on various subjects. is written, produced, directed and narrated by Karin Heimdahl (she/her) – Danyelle Ellet (she/her) – Angelique Lazarus (she/her) – Charlotte Norup (she/her) – Sam Yeow (she/her) – Kessi Riliniki (it/she)'s theme is by Chris Gregory, please check out his audio fiction anthology podcast, Alternative Stories and Fake Realities and new sci-fi show The Dex Legacy is a Y2K Production. You can support us on Patreon at from as little as 1 US dollar a month and get bonus content as well as early access to every episode. If you like the show, please also tell your friends about Chaika, talk us up on social media using #chaikapod or rate and review the show in your favourite podcatcher.Looking for merch? We have it! Check out more information please visit You can also find us on twitter, instagram and facebook @chaikapod,or e-mail us at chaikapod@gmail.comOther music:Long Note Two by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:   Come Play with Me by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:   Heartbreaking by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:   Ether Vox by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:   Dreams Become Real by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:    Implosions On The Ground by Micah Dahl Anderson from   New Direction by Kevin MacLeodLink: effects are either created by us, or from℗ 2022 Karin Heimdahl
  1. Episode 3: What portion of me be Assignable
  2. Episode 2: Drying inward from the edge
  3. Episode 1: My mind was going numb
  4. Prologue: We breathe, briefly
  5. Chaika trailer: I could be the last


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