Karin Heimdahl – CREATOR

Karin (she/her) was listening to the amazing Love & Luck in December of 2018 and suddenly an idea popped into her head – an audio drama in voicemails between two long-distance friends. The idea grew, and all of a sudden it was set to be a full-cast weekly-release audio drama podcast set in two timelines. So what was supposed to be a small, simple project ended up quite large and complex, but oh, so much fun!

For Y2K, Karin writes, directs, edits, sound designs, produces, acts and does graphic design. Basically, whatever isn’t credited to someone else? Karin’s probably doing it.

In the year 2000, Karin studied theatre directing in London. Parts of this story are inspired by real events, others are completely made up. She won’t tell you which are what.

When Karin is not creating audio drama she is a voice actor, podcaster and drama teacher turned project manager. She produces and co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Karin lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sound design season 1, as well as season 2 episodes 1 and 7-12.


Tal (they/them) is a SoCal based podcaster who cannot be stopped from making things. A Mechanical Engineer by day, they can be found working on audio fiction by night. Tal is the producer of Sidequesting, What Will Be Here?, Light Hearts, and Someone Dies In This Elevator, and is working on several upcoming projects for Parazonium Podcasts. Their voice can also be heard in audio fiction shows such as Novitero, The Path Down, Sector Ø, Transmission Folklore, Arden, and Inn Between. Tal does sound design for Seen and Not Heard, Dining In The Void, their own podcasts, and more. They occasionally write for other audio fiction shows, including The One Stars and The Ace Audio Archive. Find them on Podchaser and follow them on Twitter.

Sound design season 2, episodes 2, 3 and 5.

Emmett Moon – SOUND DESIGN

Emmett (he/him) is a voice actor and sound designer from central Scotland. Most commonly he can be found as Mars Kobe on Dining in The Void, as various characters/sound designer in Hubris and on twitter @emmettmoon

Sound design season 2, episodes 4 and 6.

Sarah Golding – DIRECTION

Sarah (she/her) is a very versatile voice actor, drama teacher and all round inspiration. She hosts MADIVA podcast to help budding voice actors navigate the madness, and voice acts in over 70 indie audio drama podcasts. She was Podhost for ADPP, and runs Quirky Voices, featuring women’s health podcast Anyone F’Coffee.

Direction season 2, episodes 8 and 11.


Paola (she/her) is a university student from England that would love to make social media her full time career! This is her first big project that she has worked on, and when she’s not promoting the podcast on social media you can find her on twitter @paola_massimo


Lina (she/her) is a journalist and communications officer living in Bohus. Sweden. She co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Lina has been instrumental in figuring out how it all continues.

Marion Englaborn – SCRIPT CONSULTANT

Marion (she/her) is an educator and nurse with a particular focus on HBTQ+ awareness. She has been an invaluable source of facts, perspective and insight. Any errors are Karin’s, however. Marion lives in Mölndal, Sweden.


Our wonderful music is created and recorded by Jake Haws (he/him), check out his podcast Making Music with Jake Haws to hear more. You can also follow Jake on twitter @JakeHaws.

Mariateresa Susca – CHARACTER ART

Mariateresa (she/her) is a digital artist from Italy. You can find more of her art and contact her for commissions on twitter @wnikeartist and on her Patreon.