Chaika Characters

It is 2089. Earth has been silent for ten years. Chaika and her mother Valen have been living in isolation on a mining base on earth’s moon. There was a human colony established on Mars, but they fell out with earth’s governance, and nothing has been heard from them since before the disaster on earth. As our story starts, Chaika decides to leave the moonbase and head toward Mars…




Chaika is an introvert, a reader and thinker, passionate and fiercely intelligent. Special interest in pop culture, linguistics and history. She has had an incredibly isolated childhood, never meeting anyone but her mother, as she was born on a moonbase, and communications from earth went silent when she was 7.
She/her. Born in 2071.


Valen is a scientist and specialist mining engineer. She grew up in what used to be the United States, in what used to be Chicago. After some turmoil in her personal life, she volunteered for a solo mining mission on the moon in 2069. Two years later daughter Chaika was born. She has managed alone with her daughter since.
She/her. Born in 2036.


AI based on the Danish language, created by engineer Lone Møller. Speciality: Spaceship navigation.
They/them. Created in 2065.


AI based on the Mandarin language, created by engineer Lone Møller. Speciality: Psychology evaluation.
She/her. Created in 2066.


AI based on the German language, created by engineer Lone Møller. Speciality: Base control and maintenance.
He/him. Created in 2068.