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Y2K is a completed story in 66 episodes over two seasons. The 54 episodes of season 1 tell a serialized story in two timelines twenty years apart, and the 12 episodes of season 2 follow the same characters but each episode takes place in a different year and a different city-

The season 2 episodes can be listened to in any order, and without listening to season 1 first, but please be aware that season 2 episodes 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 12 contain season 1 spoilers. For the whole story, we recommend that you listen from the beginning!

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S1 Patreon Bonus Episode 1 – Tammi’s Takeover: Google Fu, of course Y2K Audio Drama

This was originally a Patreon-exclusive bonus episode, and fits into season 1 between episodes 14 and 15.    Tammi takes over and interviews Olivia.     Please check out Y2K Productions new sci-fi audio drama Chaika https://y2kpod.com/chaika/ – you can subscribe now in your favourite podcatcher by searching for 'Chaika'.   Please also check out the featured trailer of this episode – Once in a Lifetime – A Musical Covid Love Story. About what happens when that perfect person shows up at a less-than-perfect time. https://www.linco.media/    Want to support Y2K, Chaika and Y2K Productions? We adore you amazing human! You can support us on Patreon from only 1 USD and get early episode releases, plus lots of other goodies such as exclusive episodes and behind-the-scenes content, please go to patreon.com/y2kpod to check it out.    Transcript below. Don't miss the bloopers after the end credits!    Cast:  OLIVIA – Kirsty Woolven (she/her) http://twitter.com/kirstywoolven TAMMI – Anna Jartin (she/her) y2kpod@gmail.com INTRO NARRATOR – Emma Laslett (she/they) https://twitter.com/Waruce   Written, produced and directed by Karin Heimdahl (she/her).    Intro and outro music is created and recorded by Jake Haws, check out his podcast Making Music with Jake Haws to hear more.    For more information please visit y2kpod.com. You can also find us on twitter, instagram and facebook @Y2Kpod,or e-mail us at Y2Kpod@gmail.com   Looking for merch? We have it! Check out Y2Kpod.com/merch   Blue fireworks image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay (https://pixabay.com/users/geralt-9301).  ℗ 2019 Karin Heimdahl ___________________________ TRANSCRIPT Karin reminds you to please listen to Chaika, and introduces the trailer for Once in a Lifetime – A Musical Covid Love Story. Emma reminds you that this is a former Patreon bonus episode, and to please check out our Patreon.   Tammi's Takeover – Patreon Bonus Episode 1: Google Fu, of course  (INTRO MUSIC) Scene B1:1 TAMMI Hello and welcome to Tammi’s Takeover – our extra-special show exclusive to Patreon supporters of Y2K! My name is Tammi, and here’s also Olivia… OLIVIA Hello! TAMMI And first of all we have to say thank you! OLIVIA Yes – thank you so much! Your support is fantastic and means we can cover our hosting fees, among other things. TAMMI Yes! So this is our way of giving back to you. And you don’t know what we’re doing, right Olivia? OLIVIA (slightly nervous laugh) No!  TAMMI (evil laugh) So this is all me… And for this first one I thought I’d interview you. OLIVIA Oh. (smiles) All right. TAMMI So the listeners know some things about you, but definitely not everything. I have a list of questions here, and we’re going to start off with some quick rapid fire ones – don’t think too long, just give an answer. All right? OLIVIA (a little dubious) OK. TAMMI Don’t worry, it’ll be fun! Here goes. (beat) Favourite TV show? OLIVIA Um… Stranger Things, probably, I… TAMMI Stop! Rapid fire, remember? Favourite food? OLIVIA Avocado… avocado anything really. TAMMI (laughs) Quicker, one word! Best movie ever? OLIVIA Memento. Or- TAMMI You said it now! Worst movie ever? OLIVIA A.I. TAMMI Good! Most re-read novel? OLIVIA The Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy. TAMMI Oh, good one! What is your favorite band or artist? OLIVIA Men I Trust, I think- TAMMI OK, moving on to some longer questions. If a movie was made of your life what genre would it be, who would play you? OLIVIA Well, right now it’d be some sort of drama, I suppose, (laughs) Or a science documentary! (TAMMI laughs) And playing me… Oh that is hard… A young Emmy Rossum maybe? With glasses! TAMMI Good choice! All right. What’s your dream job? OLIVIA Well, you know that. I’d love to go into research in the field we’re studying right now. TAMMI Palaeontology or Geology? OLIVIA Palaeontology probably… or both! TAMMI Of course. If you were famous what would you be famous for? OLIVIA Um, my podcast? (BOTH laugh) Or, later, my ground-breaking research, of course. TAMMI Right. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? OLIVIA (laughs) These questions are all over the place. Where *did* you get them? TAMMI (laughs) Google Fu, of course. (BOTH laugh) OLIVIA Of course. (smiles) I’m quite quick in the mornings – I’m a morning person anyway, and I don’t fiddle too much with my hair or my clothes, and I don’t usually bother with make-up, so… half an hour tops? Including shower and breakfast. TAMMI Quicker than me! All right. What is the first thing you notice about someone when you first meet? OLIVIA Oh… I don’t know… Their voice maybe? And if they seem friendly. Warm. Yeah.  TAMMI Not anything about their looks? OLIVIA Sure, if their looks are particularly striking in one way or another. But in general, think it’s the voice. TAMMI You are the perfect podcaster! Strange really that you haven’t done student radio before this…(beat) Right. If you had access to a time machine where and when would you go? OLIVIA (laughs) Well I should really say sometime in the Mesozoic era, shouldn’t I? And that would be incredible. But finding these voicemails… it’s made me really curious about what was going on in the year 2000, so I’d probably say that.  TAMMI Wouldn’t that be really weird? Seeing your mum and… everyone? OLIVIA (laughs) Probably! But also I could find out some things… Things I want to know. TAMMI Like what? OLIVIA Things about… my family, my… origin.  TAMMI Can’t you just ask them? OLIVIA I could. But… now is not the best time. I figure if I keep asking our listeners if they know anything about Kat or Jess or their friends, eventually I will get a lead to what I want to know. TAMMI (smiles) Which is? OLIVIA (laughs) I’m not telling you! TAMMI (smiles) Fine. But surely you can tell our Patreon supporters *something* the regular listeners won’t know? OLIVIA Yes, that is only fair, isn’t it? Hm… I can say that I’ve got no siblings. And that I know both Kat and Jess in the present. Does that work? TAMMI Yes. Anything else you want to say about the podcast, or the voicemails, before we wrap this up? OLIVIA Well, thank you again so much. This podcast has been so much more than I expected when I started. Finding listeners who care about the show, and about… me … is wonderful. TAMMI Yes! And I am so excited you brought me on board, too! Thanks for doing this, we are planning on doing more Tammi’s Takeover episodes. And you found something you wanted us to include next time, I think? OLIVIA Yes! I found some drama school rehearsal files with Jess and Kat. TAMMI That will be fun! So… watch out for that – I will take over again in about three months! Bye! OLIVIA Bye! (Pre-recorded outro) (Episode bloopers) (Trailer for Once in a Lifetime – A Musical Covid Love Story) (OUTRO MUSIC) 
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