Dramatis Personae

In 2020

(In order of appearance)

Olivia is 19 and lives in Birmingham, UK. University student, studies Geology and Palaeontology. Newly minted podcaster. Loves exercise and being outdoors. Science geek. Quick thinking and ambitious. A little socially awkward. She/her.

Tammi is in her early 20s and lives in Birmingham, UK. University student, studies Geology and Paleonthology. Student radio technical producer. Pop culture nerd. RPG enthusiast. Can seem quiet and reserved but wait ’til you get to know her. She/her.

In 2000

(In order of appearance)

Jess is in her mid-20s, from Edmonton, Canada, lives in Auckland, NZ. Working on Master of Creative Writing. Searching, creative, thinking, empathetic, logical, prone to anxiety. She/her.

Kat is in her mid-20s, from Trollhättan, Sweden, but lives in London. Aspiring actor, bartender. Impulsive, positive, empathetic, open-minded, kind, joyful. Sings and hums. She/her.

Johnno’s in his late 20s, lives in London, UK. IT Consultant. Plays bass in a band. Dominant, charming, spontaneous, arrogant, big on PDA. Romance with Kat. He/him.

Rachel’s in her late 20s, lives in Auckland, NZ. Librarian. Kind, spontaneous, optimistic, outdoorsy. Potential romance with Jess. She/her.

Lives in London, UK. Graphic designer. Flatmate of Kat and (previously) Jess. Outgoing, confident, generous, decisive, leader-type. Protective of her friends. She/her.

Lives in Auckland, NZ. Textile artist, part-time library assistant. Caring, creative, solution-oriented, pragmatic. Sees the good in everyone. Starts huge innovative art projects. They/them.

Lives in London, UK. Aspiring actor, works as a nanny. Went to drama school with Jess and Kat. Ex-girlfriend of Jess. Life of the party, impulsive, productive, self-absorbed. Temperamental. She/her.

From Edmonton, Canada. Jess’s sibling. College student, majoring in Social Anthropology. Loves horror films and ballroom dancing. Creative, empathetic, innately cool. Uses few but well-chosen words. She/her.

Lives in Trollhättan, Sweden, from Denmark. Engineer at SAAB. Mother of Kat. Logical, planning, empathetic, solution-focused. Distracted. She/her.

Lives in London, UK. Journalist. Flatmate of Kat and (previously) Jess. Open, inquisitive, warm, messy, fiercely loyal. She/her.