Chaika Cast & Crew



Danyelle Ellett

Danyelle (she/her) attended Christopher Newport University for a BA in theater with a minor in leadership. She balances her corporate job in the tech industry and her role as a stellar wife and devoted fur mum with her creative endeavors for Good Pointe Podcasts, as a voice actress, producer, and director. She can be heard in Good Pointe’s The Subjective Truth (Amy) as well as in out-of-house productions; Null and Void (Adalaide), Margarita’s and Donuts (Josephine), and various other voices which can be found in full at here.

Angelique Lazarus

Angelique (she/her) is an experienced voice actor with a deeper register and a voice that others describe as strong and authentic. She has been working in the voiceover industry for the past 5 years on several amazing projects. Much of her work has been in audio dramas such as Big Data by Ryan Estrada, Black Friday by Tycho Newman, and Moonologues by Quirky Voices (for which she received two Audio Verse Awards in 2019), but she has also worked on short animation, narration, and commercial projects. Visit her website at or get in touch with her at

Charlotte Norup

Charlotte (she/her) is born and raised in Denmark. Since childhood she has been in love with dark and sinister stories and enjoys the sick and twisted world that is horror. Charlotte has a preference for audio dramas with dark storylines but also enjoys other types of audio dramas.
Charlotte is one of the co-creators and voice actors of Calling Darkness. She has also been on The Grey Rooms, The White Vault and Vast Horizon to mention a few. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Kessi Riliniki

Kessi (it/she) is a voice actor, artist and writer from Germany. It is a media designer by day and a podcaster and freelance artist by night. In the times between, it takes care of a pack of voracious, banana-addicted bunnies.

Kessi made its debut as voice actor on The White Vault, and has appeared as voice actor on other podcasts like The Lucky Die, Dark Dice, Liberty, A Scottish Podcast and many more. It has also helped design the cover art for many of these. It has written its own high fantasy podcast series Counterbalance, which it is currently working on.

You can find out more of what Kessi’s been up to here, or find its very illustrious pack of bunnies on FB/Twitter/Instragram @OBDsity.

Sam Yeow

Sam (she/her) is a voice actor based in Malaysia. Apart from her fluency in Mandarin (mother tongue), English (bilingual native), and Malay (national language), Sam also speaks some Cantonese and Spanish.
Both sporty and artsy, Sam switches between singing and playing the ukulele to basketball, badminton, swimming, and pool. She also teaches women realistic self defense as a certified instructor from Kapap Academy Singapore. Oh, and she loves her shih-tzu, Ocean, very much.
Follow her on YouTube and Instagram.


Karin Heimdahl

Karin (she/her) is the creator of audio drama Y2K as well as Chaika. For Chaika, Karin writes, directs, edits, sound designs, produces, narrates and does graphic design. Basically, whatever isn’t credited to someone else? Karin’s probably doing it.

When Karin is not creating audio drama she is a voice actor, podcaster and drama teacher turned project manager. She produces and co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Karin lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Chris Gregory

More info to come!

Lina Söderström

Lina (she/her) is a journalist and communications officer living in Bohus. Sweden. She co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Lina has been instrumental in figuring out how the story works out.

Dwayne Farver

More info to come!