Second Teaser Trailer!

In 2000, Jess and Kat are on opposite sides of the world, trying to support each other as long-distance friends during a year when *everything* happens…
In 2020, Olivia shares their voice mails as a podcast, embarking on her own journey of discovery.

Audiogram and sound design by the fabulous Emily Whalley.

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Meet the cast!

Our CAST & CREW page is live, and you can read all about our A-MAZING cast there. Meanwhile, here are their beautiful faces:

Casting is complete!

So honoured and grateful to all who auditioned, you are wonderful and wish we had 117 parts to cast.

For those who auditioned in the first few weeks something went wrong with the e-mail-auto-collection so have contacted you via various social media. Very sorry about that, and hope the message has reached you.

Stay tuned for our CAST ANNOUNCEMENT – cannot wait to share this incredible group of voice actors with you!

Casting call closed!

The Y2K casting call just closed and we are so happy and honoured and grateful and humbled by all the wonderful voice actors who auditioned.

Now begins the very exciting and very difficult casting process. We definitely listen carefully to every audition, and may ask for recalls for some parts. We will get back to everyone who auditioned during the month of June.

Stay tuned – we are very much looking forward to announcing the cast!