Welcome to Y2K!

Y2K is a serialized drama in the form of a fiction podcast. It is a tale of love, identity and long-distance friendship set in two timelines and on opposite sides of the world.

The story revolves around two friends in the year 2000, and the modern-day student who turns their voicemails into a podcast.

Episode 1 releases January 3, 2020, with 52 weekly episodes throughout 2020, and an epilogue in January 2021.


Prologue out now!

Our very first episode is out in the world for all to hear.

It’s New Year’s Eve, 1999, in London, UK. Kat and Jess are celebrating, but also trying to find a way to stay in touch once Jess moves to New Zealand.

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Transcript available here.

Second Teaser Trailer!

In 2000, Jess and Kat are on opposite sides of the world, trying to support each other as long-distance friends during a year when *everything* happens…
In 2020, Olivia shares their voice mails as a podcast, embarking on her own journey of discovery.

Audiogram and sound design by the fabulous Emily Whalley.

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