Welcome to Y2K Productions!

Y2K Productions is an indie podcast production unit. Currently releasing the second and final season of audio drama Y2K, with sci-fi drama Chaika in pre-production, and pop culture show Det nya svarta on hiatus.

Y2K is a serialized drama in the form of a fiction podcast.

Season 1 is available for download now – it is a year-long tale of love, identity and long-distance friendship set in two timelines and on opposite sides of the world. The story revolves around two friends in the year 2000, and the modern-day student who turns their voicemails into a podcast.

Season 2 releases monthly throughout 2021. Every episode centers on one of the 12 main characters from season 1, and takes place in a different city and a different year.

Find out more and listen here.

Chaika is a new science fiction audio drama about loss, hope and isolation as one woman navigates a post-apocalyptic world. Season 1 is currently in production. Release is planned for sometime in 2022. 

Find out more here.

Det nya svarta is a podcast in Swedish about pop culture and literature. The show has been on hiatus since episode 100. 

Find out more and listen here.


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