Cast & Crew


Kirsty Woolven – OLIVIA
Smiling woman with long brown hair, blue eyes and shirt striped in blue and white.

Kirsty is a voice actor, singer and writer based in the West Midlands, UK. You can also hear her in The 12:37, Witches of the City, Insomnia Project and The Kingery. Away from the mic, she’s either in a musical, or working on her new mystery audiodrama, Arrivals. Kirsty is super excited to play the role of Olivia, as her first lead role in Y2K!

You can find her on twitter @kirstywoolven and @ArrivalsPod

Janis Westin – KAT

Janis loves cheese and hates writing bios. She has done a lot of amateur theatre, and has also spent quite a bit of time on film and TV sets as an extra.

This is her first voice acting role. She lives in Alingsås, Sweden.

You can contact Janis via

Karin Heimdahl – JESS
Smiling woman with glasses, gray scarf and long blonde hair.

Karin is a drama teacher, podcaster and voice actor. In addition to voicing Jess, she is the creator of Y2K.

Audio drama acting credits include Mirrors, Vampires of White Chapel, Copperheart, Vast Horizon, The White Vault and upcoming Hit the Bricks, After/Life and The Viridian Wild. You can find her on Twitter @karinheim. Karin lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Adam Blanford – JOHNNO
Man with short dark hair, glasses and black sweater.

As a voice actor, Adam strives to create memorable characters, as shown in over thirty voice roles and three audiobooks in the past two years. He voices Edgar Allan Poe in HG Wells Has His Regrets, Max King in Project Ozma, and diverse roles in the Seminar sci-fi anthology series. In addition, Adam is a writer/director for Thrown Together Productions and an Associate Producer for Pendant Audio. Follow Adam on Twitter @Doc_Adam_VO

Felicity Boyd – RACHEL
Smiling woman with brown hair and glasses in a white shirt.

Felicity is a Technical Writer and budding Voice Actor. Having grown up in the backwoods of the North Island, she moved to Japan to teach English for five years before returning to New Zealand to settle down in the garden city of Christchurch. She lives with her partner, Isaac, her cat, Widget, and an ever-changing cast of foster cats and dogs, who are often featured on her Instagram: @flick.boyd.

Anjali Kunapaneni – SHIRIN
Smiling woman with shoulder-length curly black hair and a v-neck maroon blouse with white stars.

Anjali is a second-year university student studying public policy and history. With a passion for performance, she’s only recently ventured into the world of voice acting – with Y2K being one of her first big roles!

She is also currently working on a fantasy novel she hopes to finish by the end of this year (read: by the time she’s graduated). You can follow her on Instagram @anjali_s_k.

Shekendra Morgan – MAIA
Smiling person with yellow glasses, teal and blue short curly hair and a gray hoodie.

Shekendra Morgan (They/She) is a huge podcast enthusiast from South Dakota, USA. Y2K is their first official voice acting gig and they are so thankful to be working on this exciting project. They were most recently seen on stage portraying Bottom in Midsummer Night’s Dream with South Dakota Shakespeare Festival. You can find them on social media @ShekendraShow, or visit their website.

Maddy Searle – CLAIRE
Slightly smiling woman with shoulder-length auburn hair and bangs or fringe.

Maddy is a voice actor, writer and audio producer. She is the creator of a fantasy audio drama podcast, The Prickwillow Papers, for Snazzy Tapir Productions. It’s almost impossible to get her to take off her headphones.

You can find her on twitter @maddy_abstract @SnazzyTapir @PrickwillowPod, facebook @snazzytapir and check out Snazzy Tapir’s website.

Anna Jartin – TAMMI

Anna is a knitter, RPG player and lover of nerdy things. She has worked as a costume designer and maker for theatre and film, and currently works as a production coordinator.

Anna co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. This is her first voice acting role. She lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Lorcan NicGiollaBhain – BRI
A smiling woman with a shaved head and red lipstick standing with her hands on her head in a leather jacket and fern-patterned blouse.

Lorcan is a Trans Irish singer-songwriter/actor and podcast host.  She was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and lived there till she was 13 and then moved to Dublin with her family. Lorcan started songwriting and gigging back in 2010 and since then has performed in plays in the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival and Queer Cab in Toronto, Canada. She continues to perform around Dublin and is now also the producer and co-host of the podcast Transitioning In Ireland. You can contact Lorcan via

Charlotte Norup – KIRSTEN
Woman outdoors with light brown hair, blue eyes, headphones and knit hat looking upwards,

Charlotte is born and raised in Denmark. Since childhood she has been in love with dark and sinister stories and enjoys the sick and twisted world that is horror. Charlotte has a preference for audio dramas with dark storylines but also enjoys other types of audio dramas.

Charlotte is one of the co-creators and voice actors of Calling Darkness. She has also been on The Grey Rooms, The White Vault and Vast Horizon to mention a few. You can follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Nerys Howell – EMMA
Smiling woman with black glasses, red lipstick, short red hair, black shirt and yellow cardigan.

Nerys a voice actor, writer and audio producer from South Wales. Emma was one of the first roles she was cast in, and she’s very excited to be involved in Y2K! 
Nerys is the writer and producer of fiction podcast Seren, released in January 2020. She has also appeared in The Amelia Project, and is a returning extra in Copperheart.

When Nerys is not listening to podcasts, she can mostly be found with her head in a book! She can be found on Twitter (mostly screaming about podcasts!) @podnen, and on Instagram @lanerys.



(Patreon exclusive episodes)

Sarah is a very versatile voice actor, drama teacher and all round inspiration. She hosts MADIVA podcast to help budding voice actors navigate the madness, and voice acts in over 70 indie audiodrama podcasts including Scottish Podcast, 1994, Amelia Project, Hostile Worlds, Edict Zero, Oz9, The Orphans, Ancestry, We Fix Space Junk, Minefire, and more (full list here!). She was Podhost for ADPP, and runs Quirky Voices, featuring new women’s health podcast Anyone F’Coffee.

Natalie Beran – CASSANDRA

(episodes 32 and 45)

Upbeat, friendly, warm and conversational, Natalie works in commercials, narration, animations, corporate narration, audiobooks, radio dramas and gaming.
Her clients include iHeart Radio, New Zealand Lotto, World Rugby, Blind Foundation, Les Mills, Vista/Veezi, McDonalds and Southern Comfort.
Natalie works in a range of accents including New Zealand / Australian, standard RP, standard US and Eastern European and has a great range of animation, character and gaming voices. She has a radio career spanning over 15 years and has worked as a radio announcer/producer, voice over artist for film and TV and actress in New Zealand, Sweden, Canada and the USA.
Read more and contact Natalie here.


Karin Heimdahl – CREATOR

Karin was listening to the amazing Love & Luck in December of 2018 and suddenly an idea popped into her head – an audio drama in voicemails between two long-distance friends. The idea grew, and all of a sudden it was set to be a full-cast weekly-release audio drama podcast set in two timelines. So what was supposed to be a small, simple project ended up quite large and complex, but oh, so much fun!

For Y2K, Karin writes, directs, edits, produces, acts and does graphic design.

In the year 2000, Karin studied theatre directing in London. Parts of this story are inspired by real events, others are completely made up. She won’t tell you which are what.

When Karin is not creating audio drama she is a voice actor, podcaster and drama teacher turned project manager. She produces and co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Karin lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Paola is a university student from England that would love to make social media her full time career! This is her first big project that she has worked on, and when she’s not promoting the podcast on social media you can find her on twitter @paola_massimo


Lina is a journalist and communications officer living in Bohus. Sweden. She co-hosts Det nya svarta, a pop culture podcast in Swedish. Lina has been instrumental in figuring out how it all ends.

Marion Englaborn – SCRIPT CONSULTANT

Marion is an educator and nurse with a particular focus on HBTQ+ awareness. She has been an invaluable source of facts, perspective and insight. Any errors are Karin’s, however. Marion lives in Mölndal, Sweden.


Our wonderful music is created and recorded by Jake Haws, check out his podcast Making Music with Jake Haws to hear more. You can also follow Jake on twitter @JakeHaws.

Mariateresa Susca – CHARACTER ART

Mariateresa is a digital artist from Italy. You can find more of her art and contact her for commissions on twitter @wnikeartist and on her Patreon.