Olivia starts a podcast

“Hey, um, I’m Olivia and this is the Y2K podcast! I guess I should tell you what this is all about… So a few days ago I managed to get my Mum’s old laptop working. I was hoping to find baby pictures of me, there are hardly any and I was curious. I rummaged around this really old black-and-white dodgy-looking interface and found — absolutely no baby pictures. No pictures at all actually. But I did find something else. These old audio files, dozens of them, all labeled with dates from January 2000 onwards. It seems to be a conversation in voice mails between my Mum and a friend of hers, and I’ve only listened to a couple of them but they seem… interesting somehow. Though it’s weird to hear Mum so young – I’ll be 20 this year and she would have been about… 25 when this was recorded. Almost the same age. Cool. But so weird. OK I’m rambling. I thought this would make an interesting podcast. So… Here are the first messages.”

Olivia, January 3, 2020

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