Trailer 3: Olivia

New trailer out now!
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Meet Olivia! In 2000, she is 19 and lives in Birmingham, UK. University student, studies Geology and Palaeontology. Newly minted podcaster. Olivia keeps her thoughts and feelings close to her chest, but once she allows someone in she is the most loyal and loving friend. She gets excited by science and being outdoors, and would probably win at Trivial Pursuit over just about anyone.

Created, written & produced by Karin Heimdahl

OLIVIA – Kirsty Woolven
KAT – Janis Westin
JESS – Karin Heimdahl
JOHNNO – Adam Blanford
RACHEL – Felicity Boyd
SHIRIN – Anjali Kunapaneni
MAIA – Shekendra Morgan
CLAIRE – Maddy Searle
TAMMI – Anna Jartin
BRI – Lorcan NicGiollaBhain
KIRSTEN – Charlotte Norup
EMMA – Nerys Howell

Outro music ”Welcome the the year 2000” by Jake Haws, please check out his podcast Making Music with Jake Haws to hear more.

Background music is “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Daniel Birch, licensed under an Attribution-NonCommercial License.

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