Chaika: Dust Storm

Listen to a sample episode of Chaika: Dust Storm here:

Chaika: Dust Storm Episode 4 (public feed version)

What is Chaika: Dust Storm?

Chaika: Dust Storm is a Patreon-exclusive micro fiction series bridging seasons 1 and 2 of sci-fi audio drama Chaika. The story takes place on Mars and focuses on the Mars commander, her second in command and the base operations AI.

This is micro fiction, and the episodes are between 4.01 and 5.21 minutes long, including music and credits, giving a total running time of all seven episodes of just over 32 minutes. The total running time excluding intros, music and credits of all seven episodes is around 16 minutes.

Chaika: Dust Storm carries no episode-specific content warnings. General content warnings for the series include alarms, explosions, hostage taking, implied life-threatening peril, implied gagged and bound individuals and disregard for human life.

How do I listen to the full series?

There are two options:

  • Join our Patreon at an eligible tier. Any tier at 10 US$ per month and up will give access to the Chaika: Dust Storm series. If you are lucky, there may also be a spot available in the limited 3 US$ per month tier, which also gives access to the series.
  • Purchase only the Chaika: Dust Storm series. This will give you access to a password-protected web page where you can download all 7 micro episodes, along with a pdf transcript. To purchase, please pay at least US$ 12 to our Ko-Fi and e-mail us at telling us you’ve done so!
    Please note:
    • You MUST e-mail us as well as paying on Ko-Fi so that we can reply with the web page address and password.
    • Purchase is non-refundable once we have e-mailed you the web page address and password. Prior to this, you can obtain a refund by e-mailing with your Paypal details. Note that we take no responsibility for any Paypal fees incurred.
    • The episode files and transcripts are for your personal use only, and reposting, distributing or sharing them with others is not permitted. 
    • By purchasing Chaika: Dust Storm you confirm that you have read and understood the limitations of use, as specified above, as well as the information on this page regarding content and length of episodes.

Who made it?

Just like the main Chaika series, Chaika: Dust Storm is written, narrated and directed by Karin Heimdahl. Sound design is by Maddy Searle. Voice actors Emma Laslett, Hem Cleveland and Roma Garustovich reprise their roles from the final episode of season 1. Their characters are all central in season 2. There is also a cameo from Charlotte Norup as HYGGE.

I have more questions!

Do I need to listen to Chaika: Dust Storm in order to understand season 2?
Nope. But it will hopefully both broaden and deepen your understanding of the world and the story of the main series.

Is Chaika in Chaika: Dust Storm?
No, the character of Chaika does not appear in this series. You do, however, find out some things about what happens to Eventyr, the spaceship Chaika is on. Chaika returns as the protagonist in season 2.

What is micro fiction?
Micro fiction is very short audio drama episodes, ususally 2-7 minutes, that tell a concentrated audio story. Check out for example shows by A. R. Olivieri.

Does Chaika: Dust Storm consist of seven full-length episodes?
No. This is micro fiction, and the episodes are between 4.01 and 5.21 minutes long, including music and credits, giving a total running time of all seven episodes of just over 32 minutes. The total running time excluding intros, music and credits of all seven episodes is around 16 minutes.

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Our first episode is released January 3!
Time to meet the characters – today it’s

Claire is in her mid-20s in 2000. Lives in London, UK. Aspiring actor, works as a nanny. Went to drama school with Jess and Kat. Ex-girlfriend of Jess. Life of the party, impulsive, productive, self-absorbed. Temperamental. She/her.

Second Teaser Trailer!

In 2000, Jess and Kat are on opposite sides of the world, trying to support each other as long-distance friends during a year when *everything* happens…
In 2020, Olivia shares their voice mails as a podcast, embarking on her own journey of discovery.

Audiogram and sound design by the fabulous Emily Whalley.

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International Podcast Month

We are so happy and proud to have been selected to take part in International Podcast Month this September! Our prologue episode will be released as part of this wonderful celebration of podcasts and podcasters, as an audio drama minisode. Please subscribe to the International Podcast Month feed now, so you don’t miss it! If you subscribe, you can also listen to all the brilliant content from last year, all completely free. See? A-mazing all around!

Casting Call Open!

Yesterday we set our casting call out into the world – after many many hours of thinking and adjusting and asking people to check and trying to get it just right. So far the response has been really good, many wonderful retweets and facebook shares from the generous audio drama community, and genuine interest from voice actors.

Now all we can do is wait, try to answer any questions that pop up, and hopefully by early June we will have the loveliest and most wonderfully diverse group of voice actors portraying Olivia, Johnno, Rachel, Shirin, Claire, Bri, Maia and Kerstin.

They will be joining our existing cast of Janis as Kat, Karin as Jess, Anna as Tammi and Lina as Emma. Twelwe actors! Wow. When the idea was taking shape it was only supposed to be two… Looking forward to some fun but confusing group chats!

Welcome to the year 2000!


Work in progress aiming for release January 2020.

No, not the Y2K problem. Though that was… interesting. Just the year. For Kat and Jess, this is the year everything happens. Welcome… to the year 2000!

Let’s bring on the new year. Hey, maybe the world *will* end?

Nah! It’ll be fine. The year 2000 is going to be a-mazing!